Favorite Date Night Restaurant in Downtown Frederick MD

Dated: June 20 2019

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Cacique Restaurant - Spanish and Mexican Cuisine

My husband and I have a favorite date-night restaurant: Cacique on Market Street in downtown Frederick. Cacique serves Spanish and Mexican cuisine. They have full bar service, with a fun happy hour, and a sidewalk patio for those beautiful evenings. They also are large enough for group events and special occasions. There is a Hagerstown restaurant, but we haven’t been there.

Full disclosure: I’m not a restaurant aficionado or a food critic. I’m just a local resident who has favorite things to do. 

And who doesn’t love fajitas?? The truth is, that’s why we love Cacique...we love fajitas and after trying every local restaurant that serves our favorite fare, we love Cacique the best. We order Combination Fajitas for two. For eight years, we’ve been searching for something better, but we keep coming back. 

What’s so great about them, you ask. The MEAT! It is always tender and full of flavor. The chicken and shrimp are great too, but ...ohhh the meat! I’ve also had the fish tacos and they were good...I just prefer meat! They marinate it and then the seasoning they use is great! We have not found any other restaurant that has consistently good meat. Sometimes at other restaurants the meat can be tough and chewy, sometimes fatty, sometimes short on flavor, but never at Cacique.

“But what if I don’t want fajitas?” I get it, some people are not so entrenched in their food choices as we are. I have wandered off our traditional path and occasionally ordered something else at Cacique. It has always been delicious. Here are my top picks:

  • Fried Calamari: It’s never overcooked rubbery, never too much breading. 
  • Mussels: Cooked perfectly, and the wine sauce is great.
  • The taco salad is a great choice for lunch. You can enjoy the same great meat and chicken.
  • The pork ribs are great. They fall off the bone like they’re supposed to. The BBQ is delicious.
  • As far as Spanish cuisine, I’ve had the 
  • duck, delicous and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside
  • The Paella is wonderful, as it should be.

Sometimes you’ll find specials that are not on the regular menu. When this is the case, try the Mixto Platter when it’s available. There is also a Pistachio Crusted Salmon occasionally the is good. It’s a tasty bit of several things.

Other Things to Love About Cacique Restaurant

The ambience of a restaurant is one of those things that is subjective. Here’s what I love: 

  • White tablecloths. 
  • The light in Cacique is not to bright and not too dark. 
  • Even though the room is large and the crowd can be large, it seems I can always have a conversation without any trouble hearing everyone at my table.
  • I’ve never had inferior service. 

What don’t I like? Well, the salsa is underwhelming. It is fresh and good, but it has no heat. But that’s ok, because I don’t really want to fill up on chips and salsa when I know my dinner is going to be great! 

What is unique to Cacique? Chris loves the HOT jalapeno sauce. They make it almost daily. I’m not a fan, because it will burn your insides like nothing I’ve ever had. But my husband buys it a cup at a time and brings it home. For those of you who love burning your insides, you must try it.

Our Best Date Night

Since Chris and I live downtown, my favorite date night is to order Combination Fajitas for two, walk the four blocks, stopping by Viniferous to ask Bob what wine will go best, then coming home to put on my p.j.’s and watch Netflix while we enjoy those fajitas with that delicious MEAT!

Check out Cacique's Menu!

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Favorite Date Night Restaurant in Downtown Frederick MD

Cacique Restaurant - Spanish and Mexican CuisineMy husband and I have a favorite date-night restaurant: Cacique on Market Street in downtown Frederick. Cacique serves Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

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